Wicked Chicken

Performing Saturday

The Wicked Chicken plays a mix of driving rock-and-roll, old-time fiddle, and blues. Armed with exciting new material, powerful groove, and a unique sound, the Wicked Chicken will surprise and captivate audiences of all varieties. The foundation of the band are the brothers Gus (guitar, vocals, fiddle) and Huck Tritsch (drums, percussion, fiddle). Gus and Huck have performed with distinguished musicians including the rock band Marah, and have earned recognition at various festivals and competitions including the Appalachian String Band Music Festival, known as Clifftop. In 2019, Huck won first prize in the youth fiddle competition at Clifftop, and their band the Wicked Children placed second in the neo-traditional band competition. Gus won the prize for best original fiddle tune as well. Most recently, Gus has toured with Jake Blount, a distinguished fiddle and banjo player from Providence, Rhode Island. With Jake Blount’s band, Gus has traveled extensively to places including Florida, Alaska, and the UK. The Wicked Chicken is constantly exploring different influences and sounds, and you never know what you might hear at any one show. But whether it’s old-time fiddle music, North Mississippi Blues, or driving rock & roll, The Wicked Chicken will play it with creativity, rhythm, and soul.