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Smoked Country Jam 2021 Status Update

Covid Safety & Precautions: Smoked Country Jam is doing our part to ensure the safety of our guests as we welcome you to the festival this year. We will be doing our part by following state and local mandates to ensure a safe environment and we expect the same of our attendees. Our goal is to make this a Covid free event, and to take the steps that make it as safe and enjoyable as we can. The more steps we can take, the safer you will be at the festival. No one measure is enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the steps we will be taking:

  1. Entering the festival: Please bring several personal masks to the festival. Masks will be worn by all gate attendants, and we are asking all members of your party to be masked when you enter.

  2. Festival stage areas: Distancing is important in preventing Covid from spreading. Masks are not necessary when you are with people you live with but should be worn whenever you are with people who do not live with you. The area in front of the Quiet Oaks sound tent will be marked for dancers, to be able to maintain safe distancing. There is plenty of space behind the sound tent for seating while maintaining distance. At the PA Wilds Stage, we may have to eliminate dancing in front of the stage, in order to safely distance the crowd. Markings will be placed under shade tents to maintain safe distancing.

  3. Vendor Midway: The direction of travel will be regulated in the midway, with one way travel on each side of the walking area. Red & green ribbon will divide the midway and define the direction of travel. Surfaces will be wiped down regularly at the merchandise and auction tents and hand sanitizer will also be available in these areas. Hand sanitizers and a hand washing station will be available at the food tent. We ask when you are interacting with our staff and volunteers at the merchandise and auction tents you wear a mask and maintain distancing.

  4. Camping areas: You are more likely to get or spread COVID-19 when you are in close contact with people who don’t live with you. When visiting or being visited by people who do not live with you, please wear a mask.

Smoked Country Jam is a 3 day, family-friendly event bringing together performers from all branches of the bluegrass tree.

Whether the music is traditional or progressive, Americana, old time or Roots, all are shared on the stage with one another. The festival showcases the past, present and future of this American-made music. Each year, lineups of national and regional performers bring over 40 hours of music to two stages, overseen by our two sound companies, GP Audio (Quiet Oaks Stage) and Upstage Productions (PA Wilds Stage). 

The event features a 3-day Lupus Auction benefiting the Lupus Foundation of America. There is a full schedule of bluegrass workshops, children’s activities, a beautiful vendor midway, and the Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriting Contest. The festival is both 4-wheeler and pet friendly.

$ 0 +
Raised for the Lupus Foundation of America
$ 0 +
Raised for the Lupus Foundation of America

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