Mama Corn

@ 1:00 PM
Quiet Oaks Stage
@ 4:30 PM
PA Wilds Stage
@ 8:00 PM
Quiet Oaks Stage

Mama Corn’s sound is as varied as the artists and genres that influence their playing, but it is uniquely their own. The band members come different musical backgrounds, and love music of every genre. The group has discovered that “high lonesome sound”, a sound that echoes the history of the American musical experience.

Mama Corn’s music has roots in Scotch-Irish fiddle tunes, married with other immigrated, ethnic instrumentation such as mandolin, banjo, and guitar, rounded off with beautiful three part harmonies, born in southern gospel churches. The love for this music brought four individuals with varied musical backgrounds together to make “bluegrass” music that is uniquely Mama Corn.

Whether you are from the “old school” or the “new school”, one thing is clear, you can bet bottom dollar it’s bluegrass! A fun loving, good timing, high energy, extremely talented group, Mama Corn love making music together.

Altoona, Pennsylvania

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